Opposition will file a complaint against the President in The Hague

The Venezuelan opposition in Miami called the closure of the Venezuelan consulate in Florida by decision of President Hugo Chávez a "crime against humanity,” and promised to bring Chávez before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.  
The 19,000 people registered to vote in the October 7 presidential elections at the consulate in Miami—the largest voting center outside Venezuela, which has been closed since January—had hoped that the National Electoral Council (CNE) would change its measure to relocate them to New Orleans (Louisiana) by Wednesday, the last day for it to do so. New Orleans is more than 1,350 km, or some 14 hours by car, from Miami, Florida.

Timoteo Zambrano, the International Secretary of Un Nuevo Tiempo and a member of the Latin American Parliament, rejected this decision, stating that "it violates the constitutional decision that protects the political rights of those Venezuelans and means that the council itself is turning its back on its legal obligation to guarantee equality in the process.”
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